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 Kanto Sweepers

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PostSubject: Kanto Sweepers   Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:34 pm

Alakazam- Kanto's And Probably Best Special Sweeper In Todays Meta-Game With Moves Like Stab Psychic Shadow Ball Energy Ball Focus Blast And Signal Beam He Can Sweep With Life Orb Max Spec Attack Max Speed Modest Nature Which I Often Use.

Machamp- With Powerful Stab Moves And Access To Earthquake Facade If Guts Abilitys Stone Edge Poison Jab T-F-I Punchs And Bullet Punch He Can Be A Real Pain For Your Oponent. Also Old Strategy But Still Great Sub Dynamic Punch.

Gengar- The Best Special Sweeper In My Book With A Wide Range Or Move's And Special Moves Like Destiny Bond And Grudge And Disable He Is The Best Special Sweeper You Can Find.

Gyarados- Great Psychical Sweeper My Set I Use Is Dragon Dance Aqua Tail Earthquake/Stone Edge And Ice Fang Great With Any Of His Ability 5th Gen Ill Be Using Moxie Just Probably The Most Overused Sweeper Today.

Dragonnite- Everyone Favorite Dragon Type And Has Basically Any Move At His Disposal I Use My 5th Gen Dragonite As You Can See Here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Kanto Sweepers
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