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 Gym leaders and their activeness..

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PostSubject: Gym leaders and their activeness..   Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:57 pm

One thing I'd complain about is that some of the Gym leaders are inactive or never comes to Draco anymore. I was just wondering if your would clear out the inactive Gym leaders and replace them with an actual active Gym leaders. And I've suggested this also in the petition topic too that I think we should add an Gym leaders with their availability time/what day they are available in. I've noticed a lot of people are looking for Gym leaders to challenge them for their badges to compete in the Elite four and gain the title of the Championship. And even if they are online, most of them would say "Its too late at night here, I have to leave in 10min, or I'm really busy right now". So I was just wondering if your would take this suggestion and talk about it and see what your think. For me, I think its an really nice idea and helps the challengers to know what time and what day they'll be available. And also that Gym leaders shouldn't leave for vacation or anything without notifying an staff member or owners. I also think that there should be a Gym leader Substitute for the time being until the actual Gym leader come back.

Thanks for reading my suggestions,

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Gym leaders and their activeness..
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