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 Format for Hosts

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PostSubject: Format for Hosts   Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:23 pm

There will be a minor format needed for the most common tournaments just to make it easy on users who want to host a tournament but cant think of what they will need to host it.


Title of topic: should consist of a catchy name of your tournament and the name of the game in parenthesis

Message body:

The first post of the topic should contain some data that is very necessary to make it run.


Game: Mario Kart 7

Date and time: 1/1/1 at 1:11 pm EST

Rewards: a flying monkey!

Minimal number of players needed to start: 111

Other info: please include your FC in your post to join the tournament as to help it run smooth

provide any other info needed for this tournament its often good to keep users up-to-date with regular posts if your tournament goes over a 24 hour period from the post time of this to the date set for when the tournament will start
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Format for Hosts
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