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 A fallen Elite's Words

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PostSubject: A fallen Elite's Words   Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:25 pm

It's funny. My drive to be active to this site forced me to attempt a forum post via my 3ds. Dont know why i hadnt tried before it would have made things much easier, but i digress. I've been on this site since it was first made, and i am 1 of it's 3 founders [being Mike, Myself, and Sceptile who o longer shows up]. The day we made this site, i made mike a deal. I will find people to join this site and spread it's name, if i were made an Elite4 member, that cannot be removed. Now this is why im pissed. After a promise such as that...after all the work i put in to make this site as pleasureable and fruitful with people as it is now...you simply..."forgot" me? that is the most f***ed up bs i've ever heard from you. I prided myself to this site, especially when i promoted it to my peers and customers at gamestop, and to my collegues at school, my yugioh competitors, whom i also offered a spot on the site to join the league. i care about this site equal to, if not more than mike himself. After all this site's been threw, i've NEVER bad mouthed, or gone against, mike and the rest of thedragonsden community, i did not deserve to be casted aside, as though i meant nothing. This isn't a farewell post. No, no my pride is far to strong to simply quit. im gonna finish what we started [we being mike,sceptile, and myself] till this site dies, which is highly unlikely. This post is a formal challenge to the league. To replace my fallen pride which you all ripped out of my hollow chest, im going mercilessly destroy the league and sit upon the champions throne. I will be on forums every day, making challenges to the gym leaders and eventually the e4. i will post my fc, a day, and a time, so make sure you check your posts.
i will get back what i lost.
Prepare Yourselves.
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A fallen Elite's Words
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