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 pokeshay application redo lol

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PostSubject: pokeshay application redo lol   Sun May 15, 2011 4:38 am

My name is lily (pokeshay chatango), (1
2)been battling for 6 years now
3) About a day ago
4) i can teach them battle combos including items move combos
and the test them on to make sure they learned.
5) more of a smogon person
6) hg 249 wins 7 loses
7)12:00am-2:00 Am
Cool Fridays are the best day
9) a latios that knows calm mind, dragon pulse psychic and recover
the stats you would want more Ev in would be special attack and speed so it can deal great damage before the foe.
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pokeshay application redo lol
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