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 G'day Im Zedeth

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PostSubject: G'day Im Zedeth   Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:08 am

Ok so were to start my names Zedeth... Im an Australian trainer who has a fan of dark and Dragon types, i also love collecting and using shinies, legendary's and well eevee elvolutions... xD

Im always seeking new challangers, i dont think im the best, but i do like to continuously improve my self, im also willing to help train new people and even willing to breed pokemon for others...

Im only able to get online via pokemon white. so if u need a gen 5 or lower pokemon ull need that versio, as for battles using them please give me plenty of notice so i can prepare.. xD any way my Friend code will be listed below...

Pokemon White Fc:
Zedeth: 3911 7790 3261
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G'day Im Zedeth
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