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 Moveset: Dream Blaziken (Uber) High-Risk Physical Sweeper set

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PostSubject: Moveset: Dream Blaziken (Uber) High-Risk Physical Sweeper set   Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:39 pm

Alright, I wanted to make some movesets so I'm gonna start with a sweeper set for my favourite Pokémon, Blaziken, with his new ability, Speed Boost. Be aware that it is considered as UBER by Smogon so if you want to use it make sure you and your oponent will have ubers allowed for your battle, otherwise you will be D/Q

Also I will provide explaination for everything in the set so you will understand

Pokémon: Blaziken
Ability: Speed Boost (dream world)
Moves: Endure, Reversal, Blaze Kick, Acrobatics
Nature: Lonely or Naughty
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 speed (the others are a waste. I don't recommand to put any of the remaining EVs in HP or defence so just put them in Sp. Atk or make attack and speed have both 255 EVs)
Held Item: Liechi Berry
Role: High-Risk Physical Sweeper

Alright so first let me explain, this strategy is based on a high-risk high-return strategy, meaning you will rely on pinch (bonus gained while in low health), more importantly, the pinch berry. For this, you will be using endure, so on the first turn you will take an attack and survive with 1HP, allowing you to use your berry and gain 1 attack stage (+50%), and thanks to Speed Boost you will also get 1 speed Stage (+50%), bringing your base speed to 120, and it will go up for every turn you stay on the field. This is also why I recommand to have a Lonely or Naughty nature rather than the Adamant nature (+attack - sp atk) which is very common to physical sweepers, because in order to use endure properly you will need to have your oponent to do a significant amount of damage to you, and it just turns out that Lonely and Naughty both reduces defence and sp defence respectively, while making your attack higher, making the chances of this tactic being effective better. Now lets move on. Of course, if you wanna sweep you definitively don't want to be outspeeded, so Speed Boost becomes superior to Blaze.

Now I understand that some of you might say that since this relies on pinch then Blaze would be more logic since it is a pinch ability, but without Speed Boost you would need to use a Salac Berry to get a speed good enough to keep up with pokémons like Lucario and Infernape, and you wouldn't get your attack boost from the Liechi that way. And it should be noted will give your fire moves a bonus of 50%, which is egal to one attack stage, while the Liechi will give you an attack stage so you get that same bonus for all of your moves, so that said, Speed Boost is obviously a much better option than Blaze.

Now, lets move on to the moves. Your main source of destruction will be Reversal.

Endure is obvious since as stated before you need to go on low health (under 1/4 to use your berry), so having it allowing you to survive with 1HP solves this.

Reversal works like magic with this set, as its power goes up as you take damage, peaking in power once your health is at 4% or under, gaining the fearsome power of 200. And it just happens that since you have endure, you will be at 1HP, so you will be able to get the most out of Reversal. Also, there's something simply awesome about it, its fighting, just like Blaziken, meaning you get the STAB, giving to move a bonus in power of 50%, bringing up the power of the move to 300. And now, add the attack bonus from the Liechi Berry, and Speed Boost, and you will be able to run fear in your enemy's heart in no time, and be able to sweep greatly. Also, being a fighting type move helps as it will give you advantage over 5 types; Steel, Rock, Normal, Ice and Dark, (your fearsome damage from your 300 power move will be doubled, and its not to mention Aggron's double weakness to it...) while also dealing normal damage to 6 other types. Even Poison, Bug, Flying and psychic pokémon will be in danger, as halving damage with their resistance brings down the power to 150, which is still quite deadly (its as powerful as an Hyper Beam). Unfortunately, you wont be able to hit Ghosts with this move, but still, its only 1 type out of 17. Also, when missing is obviously not an option with this set, Reversal's accuracy just happen to be 100%, meaning it will never miss unless your accuracy is lowered or your oponent's evasion is boosted, though during Evasion clauses you shouldn't have that problem.

Your second damaging move is Blaze Kick. Sure its not as powerful as Flare Blitz, but considering Flare Blitz means suicide with this set, it remains your best choice for physical fire, and with the STAB, its power of 85 goes to 127.5 which is still pretty good, yet not as good as Reversal, but considering it has good accuracy and can hit ghosts while Reversal can't, as well as giving you advantage over Grass, Bug, Ice and Steal (though for the 2 laters I recommand using Reversal), so its a good backup move. Of course some people would name Flame Charge for the speed bonus, but hey, you've got Speed Boost as your ability, so do you honestly need more?

And now, last but not least, Acrobatics. Being based on a cockfighting chicken, Blaziken has the interesting feature of being able to learn a good amount of flying type ofencive moves despite being a fighting type. This is when Acrobatics comes in, and it just happens to fit perfectly with this set. Of course, a 55 power doesn't sound much scarry now doesn't it? But! It just happens to have its power doubled when your pokémon isn't holding an item, and just happens you have a berry that you will use (meaning you wont be holding anything anymore), right after your first turn, allowing you to use that feature, bringing Acrobatics' power to 110. This would give you an advantage over fighting types and bug types (though against bugs Blaze kick is a better option), but since its FAR from being as good as Reversal, its still a backup move just like Blaze kick is.

Notes: If you want, you can try using Earthquake instead of acrobatics, as Ground type attacks weakens much more types than flying does, but you would get a power of 100 instead of 110. Also, the only way to get this Blaziken would be to breed with a Vigoroth or Slaking to get Endure and Reversal, and you would need a female dream world Blaziken to pass the ability, so it is indeed a quite hard-to-get moveset, but its still possible.

Countering this moveset: While this is probably one of the most destructive (if not THE most) physical sweeping movesets ever its also quite easy to counter. Since Blaziken will be at 1HP, any increased priority move will sadly put an end to Blaziken. Sashers will also be quite troublesome. Also, if Blaziken gets poisoned on the turn he uses endure, or if there is hazardous weather (SandStorm or Hail), Blaziken will get whiped out immediately. Though despite the weaknesses, it is still pretty likely that it will do considerable damage to the oponent's team if it doesn't fail before Blaziken can set up (which only takes him one turn), so it definitively lives up to Blaziken's place in the Uber tier. Also, using Ghost types to avoid Reversal's catastrophic damage on your pokémon could be a wise choice, but watch out as it might earn you a powerful Blaze Kick in the face.

Oh well, I hope you liked it. Feel free to give me comments and replies :3
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Moveset: Dream Blaziken (Uber) High-Risk Physical Sweeper set
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